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#1 Rated Premium Facials, Professional Service.
Get a complimentary Paraffin Hand Wax Treatment($20 value), with this treatment.

**Get a complimentary LED Light Therapy & Galvanic treatment with this facial.
**We do not nickel and dime our clients, so there is ABSOLUTELY NO "Add-On" charges for the Paraffin hand Wax Treatment, LED Light Therapy, Galvanic Treatment, Microdermabrasion, etc.. These are complimentary at Ounce Of Nature with this facial treatment.....Promise!

Ounce Of Nature's Deep Pore Cleansing Facial is great for anyone with imperfect skin. If you tend to have oily or problematic skin, this facial will really remove all impurities, hydrating your skin and restoring its natural balance. If you suffer from acne breakouts often, this facial is a good solution for the problem.

As you start your treatment, the steaming process will loosen the dirt and debris in the first layer of your facial skin. Cleansing will remove the impurities from your face, as well as soothe any irritations. Facial extractions will help remove any sebum that is clogging your pores.

Though most individuals with sensitive skin may have doubts about getting this type of facial, you can rest assured that our products are gentle enough, yet extremely effective on all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Deep cleansing facials use a variety of treatments to clean your face more thoroughly than treatment options.

During your Deep Pore Cleansing treatment, you can expect the following:

Cleanse, Exfoliate with Steam, Extractions, Masque & Nourishing Massage of arms, Decollete, shoulders, neck and face, finished off with Ounce Of Nature's Anti-Aging Serum with Galvanic Treatment & LED, Moisturizer and SPF 30 
*Though you may be asked about skin issues on other parts of your body(neck, back, chest, etc.), your treatment will only focus on one area per appointment. We ask, so we can get a clearer understanding of your Skincare needs.
For example, if you are coming in for an Acne Treatment, we will focus on the face, back or chest during your appointment, not all three areas.