About Us

Ounce of Nature™ is a high-performance botanical skincare company, featuring a proprietary blending technique which activates some of the world’s most emollient beauty oils into their most efficacious anti-aging functions. The essential oil serum featuring a luxurious Jamaican castor nut oil, mélange of essential oils, Retinol and collagen boosters, demonstrates the apparent visible diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles in thirty minutes.


At the heart of the brand, are best-in-class ingredients. Each oil is sourced from the richest terroirs of the world and are comedogenically rated from 0 to 1. It all began when the signature serum caused such a stir in a New York City neighborhood, that it birthed an underground anti-aging spa frequented by those of a certain age, and even celebrities. Ounce Of Nature's Anti-Aging Serum boasts visible results within 30 minutes of application.


The name Ounce Of Nature was chosen to describe the one-ounce bottles which are filled with the most perfectly blended and efficacious anti-aging ingredients; sourced from the finest terroirs of nature.

Ounce of Nature™ have since expanded its product line to include a refreshing line of bath and body products (Green Tea Facial Toner, Anti-Aging Face Mask, Hyaluronic Acid Facial Hydrator, Bath Bombs, Bar Soaps and more). ​​Here's the Ounce of Nature™ story and how it all got started, from the Founder: "To say it was a quest like none other is still an understatement."

It was a few short years ago when Founder, Andres Roban, looked into the mirror and had a heart to heart talk with himself. It was the realization that age 40 was approaching faster than a comet, and discovering fine lines developing on his forehead, that he decided to do something about it once and for all. ​He was desperate to revolutionize the way we fight facial fine lines and wrinkles.

He felt that contrary to popular belief, men hate aging just as much as women, but are often times too ashamed to admit it. That was not the case with him! However, there was one thing he found lacking in most products he sought, and that was an anti-aging product sans chemicals or synthetic oils.

Though many claimed to be 100% natural, it was not the case with most, if not all of the products he used.

​With companies promising everyday that their products are sure to reduce facial lines and wrinkles, none of them have been able to genuinely back up their claims with an all natural product. He could not help himself but laugh when he saw companies showing photos/videos that are edited, photo-shopped, time-lapsed, showing before/after photos in different lighting, etc.. That is until now, with the release of Ounce of Nature's Anti-Aging Serum. 

Using only natural ingredients, some of which cost as much as $3,800 for 16 ounces of essential oil, it took Ounce of Nature™ approximately two and a half years to finalize their revolutionary proprietary blend of oils which targets and visibly reduces facial fine lines and wrinkles from its first application, and every application thereafter.

At $150 for the 1oz Serum (lasts 1-3 months), Ounce of Nature™ strongly believes it is worth every penny, as their proprietary blend is made up of the highest quality essential oils known to mankind for their Anti-Aging properties.

"The fact is, our oil work wonders with every single facial application. We first tested our finished product on family and friends, wowing them every single time, before bringing it to the public. As mentioned before, there are no gimmicks and no photoshopping of "before and after photos" by Ounce of Nature™. Our results are actual and accurate, and that's a promise!"

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